Monthly Archives: January 2011

50 Koalas, 12 Apostles and One Echidna Crossing the Road

Great Ocean Road: If you like driving along the Northern California and Oregon coasts, you will love driving the 243 km Great Ocean Road (GOR) from Warrnambool to just outside Melbourne. If you get car sick, it’s not for you. … Continue reading


Celebrating in the New Year

New Year’s Eve Day: It’s a miserable 80 degrees and perfectly clear – an ideal day to go to the beach.  Since neither Leila nor I are beach people, we opt for the 8 km walk from Bondi beach to … Continue reading


What Australian’s Love and American’s Hate

It has the consistency of peanut butter, the color of tar and a smell that should not be described among gentile company. Dr. Cyril Callister, a food technologist, invented Vegemite when given the task to find a use for the … Continue reading