Seattle and Sydney have ferries. Brisbane has the Cat.

Seattle has its car ferries to span the broad and deep expanse of Puget Sound.  Sydney has it walk-on ferries that wind among the narrow inlets of Sydney Harbor. 

Brisbane has its River Cats.  They speed up and down the river and provide a pleasant way to spend a sunny afternoon exploring the sites and other opportunities along the water – plus give a great overview of the city’s layout. 

One end of the River Cat route is at the University of Queensland.  I took the Cat from end-to-end on my first weekend – after battling the birds over my food.  It’s a great way to see the condo living along the river and view what is one of the most interesting – that is instead of saying ugliest – parliament buildings I’ve ever seen  — the building with the flag on top.  My guess is that it was built in the 1970s – I just looked it up on Google and yes it was built in 1979.  What you see from the river is the Parliament Building Annex.  The Old Parliament Building — visible from the non-river side is much more picturesque and was built in 1891.  


There are walking paths along most of the river waiting for me to explore rather than just view from the Cat.  I will need to keep telling myself to beware if the crazy bike riders and remember to walk on the left

It’s a perfect time to be in Brisbane – much like Seattle in the summer.  It’s mainly clear, with a few days of rain now and then.  Most important for a person from the Northwest, it is around 70 degrees and no humidity.  And the beautiful sunsets along the river rival the sunsets around the Puget Sound.

A couple brief updates.  The Australian national election results are still in doubt.  Three races out of 175 are too close to call and there will be a hung parliament no matter the outcome – with both major parties (Labor and Liberal) short a few votes of the 76 needed to form a majority government.  The claim is it will be another week or 10 days before the country will have a “minority” government or will be going back to the voting booths.

Also, I am off for a week to one of Australia’s dinosaur digs.  It is about 900 miles west of Brisbane in Winton, Queensland.  We are driving, which in itself should be an adventure.  I am sure the experience will be the topic of a future blog.  I will be out of contact – email, Skype, mobile phone – so the next blog may not be for a couple weeks.

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4 Responses to Seattle and Sydney have ferries. Brisbane has the Cat.

  1. jenny says:

    Lord, love a duck, but that’s a hideous parliment building. My own personal opinion is that any public building built in the 1960s and 70s ought to be scheduled PRONTO for demolition. (Well, maybe keep one as a reminder to ourselves that new and modern is sometimes a huge and ugly mistake.)

    Don’t you love exploring transportation options in different cities? The River Cat sounds like such a good way to see an overview of the city. Dennis, thanks so much for taking the time to write this blog. i am enjoying sharing Australia vicariously through you. Enjoy! (And WRITE!) Cheers, jen

  2. Angie says:

    You’ve sold me on Brisbane in September.

  3. Lonnie says:

    Love reading your blog. When I saw “Cat” in the title of this blog I was expecting a large Meow, much like the Seattle Duck. I was ready to jump on a plane and see it in person. However, still here in S-W, I’ll have to live by the description of your surroundings. Can’t wait to hear about the dino dig!

  4. Linda says:

    You are making me want to move again. God forbid! Since I take the Vallejo ferry once in a while, I am totally in love with water transportation – as long as I’m in sight of land.

    thanks for including us, Dennis

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