And you think pigeons are a problem

The next time you complain about the pigeons and sparrows  eating food around your table, consider the challenge of eating at Wordsmith, the cafe connected to the bookstore in the middle of the University of Queensland campus.  The noisy minor (about twice the size of a sparrow), sitting on the chair next to my table, waits patiently to see if I will eat all of my croissant. 

But my eyes are on the Australian brush turkey on the table behind the noisy minor.  The turkey (about two feet long) is a protected species and is found everywhere on campus.

But then comes the Australian white ibis that also wants its share of the food.  It’s slightly bigger than the turkey, with a very impressive beak. Note that the packets of sugar are inside traditional sugar dispensers — the only why to keep the birds from tearing the packets apart.  If you forget a fork to eat your food, you best do without or risk the possibility of losing your food to the birds.  Better yet, always eat in pairs, so one of you can guard the food.  In the end, the birds seem to win.  The turkey gets his espresso for the day and the noisy miner gets the croissant.

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5 Responses to And you think pigeons are a problem

  1. Angie says:

    These are pretty funny, Dennis. Where are the pictures of a turkey jacked up on espresso? Not being a big fan of birds, I would definitely NOT be dining at the Wordsmith any time soon 😛

  2. Kris says:

    Thanks Dennis and keep the postings and photos coming.

  3. Paul Allan says:

    Didn’t know you planned on dieting while visiting down under by feeding the wildlife, although “wildlife is a bit of a misnomer if they are feeding on croissants and espresso. Great pictures and nice way to stay in touch. Thanks.

  4. Pam Stucky says:

    You’re in Australia again?? Lucky you!! I expect lots of pictures! Part of one of my upcoming books will be set in Australia so maybe I’ll see you there when I’m doing research! 🙂

  5. jenny says:

    Oh Dennis, i LOVED the photos of the birds stalking your food. Thanks for sharing! i’m hoping you got a jolt of caffeine before you decided to abandon outside eating to the birds. Could be worse – could be dingoes!

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