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Seattle and Sydney have ferries. Brisbane has the Cat.

Seattle has its car ferries to span the broad and deep expanse of Puget Sound.  Sydney has it walk-on ferries that wind among the narrow inlets of Sydney Harbor.  Brisbane has its River Cats.  They speed up and down the … Continue reading


Can an atheist unmarried woman be elected to lead a nation?

If you want to be elected president in the US, you better be married, have children and a religious affiliation.  This has also been true in Australia.  But today is national election day in Australia and Julia Gillard may break all … Continue reading

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And you think pigeons are a problem

The next time you complain about the pigeons and sparrows  eating food around your table, consider the challenge of eating at Wordsmith, the cafe connected to the bookstore in the middle of the University of Queensland campus.  The noisy minor (about twice … Continue reading

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